We’ll Meet Your Needs

• Valley-wide, since 1974
• Janitorial one to 7 nights per week
• Most any size facility
• Offices; medical; industrial; schools
• Free no-obligation quotes

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Satisfaction Assured

• Competitive rates/Dependable service
• Monthly quality visits by Client Rep
• Permanent quality report logs
• Ongoing crew training
• OSHA regulations followed

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About CBN

Stability & Commitment

• Locally owned & operated since 1974
• BBB since 1975; A-plus rating
• Greater Phoenix C of C, since 1975
• Building Service Contractors Assn. Intl.

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Sanitation & Indoor Air

• HEPA vacuums – carpet and tile
• Microfiber dust-wipes and damp mops
• Touch-point sanitation
• Hospital grade disinfectant
• Green Seal chemicals

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You Can Be Confident

• Full background checks on crews
• Identity verification
• Homeland Security IMAGE partner
• Key security program
• Fully insured & bonded

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Keep Your Facility Safe

• Crews tested: Safety & OSHA protocols
• Up-to-date MSDS book kept on-site
• Ecolab non-skid floor finish
• Monthly facility safety inspections

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Floors, windows, more
… at no added charge

• Burnishing and refinishing tiled floors
• Carpets cleaned & windows washed
• Ceramic & stone floors scrubbed
• Also: lot sweeping, pest control, more.

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Green Cleaning Practices

• Member: US Green Building Council
• Arizona Recycling Coalition
• Green Seal chemicals & restroom paper
• Greenguard Environmental Institute Certified

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Locally owned & Valley-wide; we’ve been about full service commercial cleaning – since 1974

Long at the forefront of cleaning for Health, Safety, and Security:

• Certified by Greenguard Environmental Institute (cleaning for Health)
• Only janitorial USGBC member in Arizona
• Only Homeland Security “IMAGE” certified janitorial firm in Arizona – one of only two in the US
• More certified BSCAI executives/managers than any Arizona firm
• Longest serving BBB and Chamber of Commerce janitorial member in the Valley

A Record of Superior Service

CBN has long been a leader in the commercial cleaning business; applying advanced technologies, systems, and training methods to enhance client health, safety, and security.

A bit about our Innovations in security

image about
• Our IMAGE partnership with Homeland Security assists us in the verification of workers’ identities and immigration status.
• personnel screening (addressing alcohol and drug issues, general integrity, reliability and work ethic);
• background checking (court records, driving record, identity verification, credit check);
• key security (hard-to-duplicate “neuter bow” keys)

Environment and safety

CBN uses environmental and safety standards in chemical choices, usage, and disposal – and in energy conservation, material recycling, and safety training.

To your health

Working with Daniels Associates, who collaborated on the development of DuPont™ dust control technology, CBN has implemented our program – “Cleaning for Health”, providing our Microfiber dust cloths pick up and REMOVE dust from your office.customers with airborne and surface dust control, enhanced sanitation, low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and low chemical introduction – a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.

about - Microfiber wipesOver the past several years, we’ve upgraded our program as new technology has become available:

• non-treated microfiber dust wipes to better remove surface dust;
• microfiber damp mops to remove small particles (down to bacteria size) from hard floors;
• true HEPA vacuums for both carpet and hard floors;
• Hydrogen-Peroxide based cleaner/sanitizer to clean and sanitize “touch points” throughout your office.

This advanced technology has had a significant impact for our office and industrial clients, HEPA backpack vacuums – more flexible and superior performanceand a close to revolutionary impact for medical facilities, both in limiting room-to-room cross-contamination and in actual pathogen removal, as documented in the U C Davis Medical Center study of microfiber technology.

By adding Greenguard Environmental Institute certification, Green Seal certified chemicals, Carpet and Rug Institute certified vacuums, and U. S. Green Building Council membership, we can guarantee our procedures and results.


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— Thomas Jefferson

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about - Using a squirt bottle to feed Alpha HP onto a microfiber cloth to sanitize touchpoints around the office.

Using a squirt bottle to feed Alpha HP onto a microfiber cloth to sanitize touchpoints around the office.

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Wiping down one of the least sanitary areas in most offices. "Going down".

about – Wiping down one of the least sanitary areas in most offices. “Going down”.

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