We’ll Meet Your Needs

• Valley-wide, since 1974
• Janitorial one to 7 nights per week
• Most any size facility
• Offices; medical; industrial; schools
• Free no-obligation quotes

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Satisfaction Assured

• Competitive rates/Dependable service
• Monthly quality visits by Client Rep
• Permanent quality report logs
• Ongoing crew training
• OSHA regulations followed

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About CBN

Stability & Commitment

• Locally owned & operated since 1974
• BBB since 1975; A-plus rating
• Greater Phoenix C of C, since 1975
• Building Service Contractors Assn. Intl.

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Sanitation & Indoor Air

• HEPA vacuums – carpet and tile
• Microfiber dust-wipes and damp mops
• Touch-point sanitation
• Hospital grade disinfectant
• Green Seal chemicals

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You Can Be Confident

• Full background checks on crews
• Identity verification
• Homeland Security IMAGE partner
• Key security program
• Fully insured & bonded

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Keep Your Facility Safe

• Crews tested: Safety & OSHA protocols
• Up-to-date MSDS book kept on-site
• Ecolab non-skid floor finish
• Monthly facility safety inspections

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Floors, windows, more
… at no added charge

• Burnishing and refinishing tiled floors
• Carpets cleaned & windows washed
• Ceramic & stone floors scrubbed
• Also: lot sweeping, pest control, more.

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Green Cleaning Practices

• Member: US Green Building Council
• Arizona Recycling Coalition
• Green Seal chemicals & restroom paper
• Greenguard Environmental Institute Certified

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Service - more provided than you might expect.

As a full-service janitorial company, CBN offers:

• Cleaning for facilities from less than 1000 to over 50,000 square feet
• Customized specifications and schedule, from 1 to 7 nights per week
• Health care facilities, office space, industrial, schools, retail – and a whole lot more.
• References Valley-wide
• Night time hands-on inspections
• Daytime facility inspections on a monthly basis, and at your request.
• Available 24/7
• Valley-wide service since 1974

Others charge extra – we include:

Periodic services (carpet cleaning, tile burnishing, scrubbing and refinishing, window washing, ceramic and stone floor scrubbing).

All periodic services are pre-scheduled and included as part of your regular monthly charge to help maintain the appearance and safety of your facility – and save you money.

Carpet cleaning and protection methods

Cleaning long-neglected carpeting becomes a big job, requiring extra time and chemical (and expense). Additionally, neglected carpeting requires more frequent replacement. Following a regular, frequent schedule of carpet maintenance pays dividends in the long run. We use hot-water extraction or low moisture soil encapsulation, as appropriate.

Click here - Carpet cleaning methods

Bonnet cleaning – Low Moisture Soil Encapsulation

Carpet cleaning via the bonnet method utilizes a low-speed rotary floor scrubber and a fabric (usually cotton, with nylon strips for scrub power) disk or pad, called a bonnet. A cleaning solution (specially formulated for this process) is applied to one smallish area of the carpeting at a time, which is then “massaged” with the bonnet mounted under the floor scrubbing machine.

The agitation and chemical action free the soil from the carpet fibers; much of it is absorbed into the bonnet, which is dunked in fresh solution and wrung out every 100 or so square feet to dispose of the picked up soil. Once dry, the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed to remove the remaining soil entrapped (encapsulated) in crystallized chemical.

There are various advantages to low moisture processes over hot water extraction (commonly called “steam cleaning”): less moisture introduced into the carpet, thus limiting the chance of over-wetting, speeding up dry-time (limiting the possibility of mold and fungal growth); environmentally, less water (by about 95%) and less chemical used; less water introduced into the carpet backing avoids shrinkage or tearing of fibers, and to bleeding and discoloration; and better worker productivity, so we can clean the carpet more frequently at a similar annual cost.

Rotary cleaning (shampooing)
Carpet cleaning using a low-speed (175 rpm) rotary floor scrubbing machine equipped with a nylon cleaning brush. Solution is applied to the carpet, usually from a tank on the floor scrubber and fed through holes (“shower feed”) in the brush’s backer block, aggressively brushed into the carpet, and allowed to fully dry. Thorough vacuuming then removes soil and crystallized shampoo from the carpet.

Rotary shampooing tends to be more aggressive than bonnet cleaning; while harder on the carpet, it also tends to “grind out” more soil. It’s commonly used for “heavy duty” or restorative cleaning, often followed by extraction (without added cleaner), to dilute and rinse out soil, rather than waiting for dry vacuuming.

Hot water extraction (NOT steam cleaning)
Sometimes (erroneously) called “steam cleaning” – Carpet backing is bonded to the carpet fibers at temperatures near 200 degrees; real steam (212 degrees F.) would melt that adhesive which binds the carpeting to its backing material. Steam cleaning equipment manufacturers bought a lot of carpeting for the victims of this “technology”!

Extraction uses a pressure nozzle to propel solutions (cleaning; deodorizing; fungicidal, among others) into the carpet, and a wand/wet vacuum system to pull it back out, along with suspended dirt. It works primarily by diluting or solubilizing carpet contaminants. It is effective at pulling out deep soil, residual shampoo, or deep stains.

Extraction by itself does little to agitate carpet fibers, so ground in soil can be a problem. Consequently, it’s often used in conjunction with rotary shampooing for cleaning of grossly soiled carpeting (carpeting in auto shops, for instance) or in “restorative” cleaning, or in pulling out relatively fresh beverage spills (by putting massive doses of water into the carpet, diluting the beverage, and sucking it back out).

Carpet protection (post cleaning)
Application, usually after carpet cleaning, of a chemical coating designed to prevent staining of carpet fibers by water-borne contaminants or oily substances (pizza always lands cheese side down – doesn’t it?). After protection, ongoing carpet spot removal becomes more effective; the next full cleaning becomes both more effective and easier to perform.

Some carpet protectors are also designed to minimize the attachment of dust, dirt, and dander to the carpet’s fibers, thus allowing more soil removal with regular vacuuming; the carpet looks better longer, exhibits less wear (less gritty soil left behind for foot traffic to grind into and damage carpet fibers), and leaves less fine soil to become airborne during the day, impacting indoor air quality.

Resilient tile, including vinyl tile flooring (VCT), and other types

Our Janitorial Services include Burnishing Vinyl FlooringVinyl tile also requires regular maintenance – to retain appearance, for safety’s sake,  and to help protect the flooring.

Burnishing of vinyl tile floor finish is needed to harden the finish, protecting the floor, maintaining appearance, and giving a non-skid surface to help prevent slip-and-fall incidents.

Regular burnishing (ultra high-speed buffing) hardens the floor finish (in addition to removing scuffs and enhancing the shine).  A harder finish lasts longer, reducing the frequency of refinishing and of stripping, saving us time and you money.

Our program includes burnishing on a regular schedule, plus refinishing as-needed – at no additional cost.

Ceramic, stone and concrete

Ceramic and stone flooring have special cleaning and finishing requirements. We use appropriate cleaning solutions from Diversey and a scrub brush on the floor scrubber to thoroughly clean textured tiles and to clean grout lines.


We wash windows on a schedule of your choosing, from weekly through annually; exterior on a schedule of your choice and interior if needed.

Additional services and supplies available

Click here for a list of added services available

The below-listed services are available, either  directly from CBN or through an industry partner. Please call us for more information, a quote,  or a referral:

• Air-duct cleaning
• Graffiti removal
• Specialty floor matting (anti-fatigue, heavy duty, etc.)
• Walk-off mats (lobby mats in various colors; “Welcome” & “Safety” mats with various messages)
• Concrete acid etching, sealing or painting
• Acoustical ceiling cleaning
• Flood, mold and disaster clean-up
• Glass replacement; temporary board-up
• Pressure washing
• Furniture and partition cleaning
• Fire extinguisher maintenance
• Recycling services
• Pest & bird control
• Landscaping, sprinklers, tree service
• Carpet repair or replacement
• Construction clean-up
• Bulb replacement
• Lot sweeping
• Restroom deodorizers

We supply Green Seal certified restroom paper products (100% recycled content)

How full-service cleaning can, and usually does, save you money!

Having to pay sixty bucks to attend a concert advertised at $40.00 rankles us. The “service” or “venue maintenance” or “ticket brokerage” fees are not added into the advertised price, but they’re there when it comes time to pay.

We won’t do that to our customers. The stunt commonly used in our industry is to quote for only the basic day-to-day cleaning chores; periodic services are extra — sometimes a lot extra (and not mentioned as part of a service quote). By the time the facility manager notices the floors have deteriorated (and finds the time to call his cleaning service), there is usually restorative work required – and the cycle begins again!

We quote a price to maintain your facility, including what it takes to keep your carpet and hard floors presentable and safe, and to keep your windows clean. Your building will be properly maintained, with carpet cleaning and tile floor buffing and recoating performed as simple maintenance. This saves us time and gives you a presentable (and safer) workplace – all for a reasonable price pro-rated into your monthly invoice, helping to keep your maintenance costs both reasonable and predictable.

Is the shiny stuff on my floor really “Wax”?

Many folks still refer to the stuff we put down to protect floors and make them shiny as “wax”. “T’aint so!” — wax is a naturally occurring substance of biological origin; it comes from many sources, both animal and vegetable, and is chemically similar to fat, but less greasy, harder, and more brittle.

In 1968, Johnson’s Wax introduced a revolutionary synthetic floor-care product they named “Complete”. This instantly made the extractives from the leaves of carnauba palms obsolete, except in automotive and furniture paste wax.

Modern floor finishes contain synthetic polymers with solubilized metal (usually zinc or zirconium) to enhance durability; they also feature outstanding slip resistance, even when wet.

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