We’ll Meet Your Needs

• Valley-wide, since 1974
• Janitorial one to 7 nights per week
• Most any size facility
• Offices; medical; industrial; schools
• Free no-obligation quotes

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Satisfaction Assured

• Competitive rates/Dependable service
• Monthly quality visits by Client Rep
• Permanent quality report logs
• Ongoing crew training
• OSHA regulations followed

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About CBN

Stability & Commitment

• Locally owned & operated since 1974
• BBB since 1975; A-plus rating
• Greater Phoenix C of C, since 1975
• Building Service Contractors Assn. Intl.

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Sanitation & Indoor Air

• HEPA vacuums – carpet and tile
• Microfiber dust-wipes and damp mops
• Touch-point sanitation
• Hospital grade disinfectant
• Green Seal chemicals

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You Can Be Confident

• Full background checks on crews
• Identity verification
• Homeland Security IMAGE partner
• Key security program
• Fully insured & bonded

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Keep Your Facility Safe

• Crews tested: Safety & OSHA protocols
• Up-to-date MSDS book kept on-site
• Ecolab non-skid floor finish
• Monthly facility safety inspections

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Floors, windows, more
… at no added charge

• Burnishing and refinishing tiled floors
• Carpets cleaned & windows washed
• Ceramic & stone floors scrubbed
• Also: lot sweeping, pest control, more.

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Green Cleaning Practices

• Member: US Green Building Council
• Arizona Recycling Coalition
• Green Seal chemicals & restroom paper
• Greenguard Environmental Institute Certified

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Environment - Beach at Trinidad State Park, CA

There is much common ground between our program of “Cleaning for Health” and “Green Cleaning”.

CBN has been on the cutting edge of the “Cleaning for Health” movement for well over 20 years. We’ve acted as “Stewards of our Environment” since pretty much before there was a “Green” movement.

We provide:

  • safe chemical selection – no bleach, ammonia, or scouring powder, and minimized Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • air quality improvement – we measure your air for particulates at start of service and ongoing – generally showing a 50% reduction
  • careful chemical and material disposal – we don’t dump mop water in your flower beds
  • an over-riding culture of Safety

Here are a few of our environment-oriented partners:

Green Seal

Green Seal works with manufacturers, industry sectors, purchasing groups, and governments at all levels to benefit our environment by “greening” the production and purchasing chain.  Utilizing a “life-cycle” approach; they evaluate a product or service beginning with material extraction, continuing with manufacturing and use, and ending with recycling and disposal.

CBN proudly features Green Seal certified cleaning chemicals.

Greenguard Environmental

An industry-independent, third-party testing program for low emitting products and materials.

CBN is proud to utilize the Greenguard certified “Healthy High Performance Cleaning” system developed in cooperation with Diversey.

US Green Building Council

A non-profit organization, composed of leaders from every sector of the building industry, working to promote buildings and communities that are environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places to live and work.

The LEED Green Building Rating System, developed by the USGBC, provides a suite of standards for environmentally sustainable construction. Certified buildings have a healthier work and living environment, which contribute to higher productivity and improved employee health and comfort.

CBN is proud to be a member of the USGBC.

Diversey (formerly Johnson Wax Professional)

greensealA continuing effort to improve and maintain the quality of our environment by reducing energy and materials consumption and by minimizing the impacts of pollution generated by the production, transportation, use, and disposal of goods and services.

Diversey products are our choice in cleaning chemicals.  Besides their benefits to our environment, they are engineered to be of as mild a nature as possible, yet powerful enough to do the job at hand.  Diversey’s products are among the most environmentally friendly in the industry.  All have Green Seal or Environmental Choice certification.

Diversey’s state-of-the-art dispensing technologies dramatically reduce chemical overuse, control waste, and increase ease of handling.  Products are packaged to either facilitate recycling or to reduce landfill mass.

Alpha HP by DiverseyReduced chemical footprint with Diversey products

For our go-to cleaner/sanitizer, we use Alpha-HP, Diversey’s exclusive formulation of Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide, with small levels of surfactants and chelating agents.  HP degrades into oxygen and water, so using AlphaHP for most of our routine cleaning leaves little harmful residue.

AHPAHP disinfectant, with a 60-second kill time, is highly effective against pathogens such as MRSA (staph), E. coli, TB, HIV, herpes, listeria, salmonella, cold and flu – well-suited for use in office restrooms and lunch areas.  AHP is also an effective decontaminant of touchpoints such as flush handles, door knobs and jambs, light switches, phones, entry and interior glass, etc., throughout your building.  When used in conjunction with microfiber cleaning cloths, Alpha HP virtually eliminates chances for cross-contamination.

Green Seal certified rest room paper products Doing our bit to preserve our environment, we feature Green Seal certified Kimberly-Clark restroom paper products made of 100% recycled fiber.  And the toilet paper is soft.

Ecolab floor finish

Ecolab provides our floor finish, containing a higher percentage of solids, saving on shipping expenses. (Who wants to pay to ship unneeded water?). It is also a very durable finish, minimizing stripping frequency, benefitting both the environment and the bottom line.  Ecolab also practices environmentally sound packaging, avoiding inefficient five gallon drums in favor of “bag-in-a-box” packaging.

Arizona Recycling Coalition – Making Arizona a Better Place

The Arizona Recycling Coalition (AzRC) is a nonprofit organization of professionals and citizens in private, public and nonprofit sectors throughout Arizona, who have pledged to help preserve our environment by promoting recycling. AzRC provides strong leadership on waste reduction issues and promotes the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle ethic through education and membership involvement.

For paper recycling, we recommend Arizona Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired™. They’ll set up a personalized recycling program for your firm; they also provide certified destruction of confidential materials

Fuel efficiency pays off

As we were founded in 1974 during the “first” oil crisis (remember the horror of waiting in line for gas at 50 cents a gallon?), resource conservation has always been an essential part of our business.  Today, our janitorial, floor care, window cleaning, and customer service staffs are routed for efficiency – to reduce travel, thus saving gasoline and reducing our carbon footprint.

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